About Me

Calling me a passionate Bollywood follower would be an understatement. I love cinema and cherish the experience of watching movies as and when I’m able to grab a chance. I inherit no filmy background whatsoever, however since childhood I have been obsessive with movies. With time, my admiration and adoration for Bollywood increased many folds. Whenever I used to see a trailer of a movie, endless computations were used to start taking place in my mind about the movie. By the end of the trailer, I was used to make a perception about the movie. Over the time I noticed that my perception about the movie turn out to be right most of the times. I decided to give this knack of mine a structure and started documenting preview of movies before its release. And this is how I started publishing these previews on my blog. Apart from movie blogging, Hindi poetry is one of my other lifelines.

I find pleasure in penning down my thoughts, my emotions, at times influenced by people and situations that I see. My blog captures all my penned thoughts. People sharing similar interests can reach me @ 9818886413 or email -

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